Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Best Sex Positions of 2009

10 Best Sex Positions of 2009
By []Jenna Cole

How would you like to start this year off with a bang? I am about to show you some very sexy moves that will help start your New Year off right. Here are the 10 best sex positions of 2009.

1. The Snow Plow - Guys, if you love to have a wild time with your woman then you should try this position. (Warning: This position requires your woman to have a considerable amount of flexibility). Lay your woman on her back. Raise her feet up over her head.

2. The Pirate's Bounty - This Position you will be kneeling. Her legs will be on the outside of yours. Her leg should be on your shoulder. This position allows you to be very close.

3. The Lap Dancing Cowgirl - One of the best sex positions that I know you men out there will enjoy because your woman gets to do all the work. Ladies your man will be sitting in a chair (make sure it is a chair that can hold two people) you will sit on him from the front.

4. Bend Over Backwards - I think it is good for couples to try new sex positions from time to time so they can keep there sex life exciting. This happens to be one of the sex positions that you can have fun trying. You will need your living-room sofa for this sex act. Have your woman bend backwards on the arm of your sofa. This position is very stimulating to both couples.

5. The Basset Hound - Have your carpet cleaned because with this sex act you both will be on the floor. Have your woman kneel on the floor. Have her leaning forward with her arms flat on the floor. Her legs should be apart. Tip: (It is something similar to the doggy style position).

6. The Ben Dover Position - This position will take some balancing skills. Tell your woman to stand in the middle of the floor, now tell her to bend over and touch the floor with her hands, she should still be standing when she does this.

7. Acrobat - Your woman will be on top this time. You will be lying on the bed facing upward. Have your woman also facing upward when she gets on top of you. This is very challenging for you both.

8. The Cross - Ladies your man will lay down on the bed as if he is going to sleep (with his head on the pillow) have him turn on his side. Ladies you will lay on your back with your legs over his hip area.

9. The Deck Chair - This is one of the best positions this year because this is a very comfortable position for the two of you. Have your woman lay down on the bed (on her back). Tell her to lift her knees up as if she is sitting in a chair (make sure she is lying down).

10. The Intersextion - This sex position is definitely something to try. Have your woman lay down on her side and lifting her right leg. You should be lying on top of her and your bottom left leg should be facing her. Enter her from this angle. Her right leg should be over your hip.

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